Recycling & Sustainability

Here at Advanced Paper Forming, we strive to create the best possible product while remaining environmentally friendly. Here are some of the ways we do it:


Molded Fiber is made entirely from recycled materials. Our product is formed using recycled newsprint and corrugated boxes. The only other ingredient in our production line is water, which is recycled throughout the process so that nothing goes to waste. Our commitment to sustainability means that our product is 100% recyclable from start to finish.

Our product is 100% post-consumer recyclable. After your customers are done with our packaging, they can easily “curbside” recycle it into the paper waste stream with no lasting environmental impact. Unlike some of our competitors, we add no artificial dyes or additives, making our molded fiber the most environmentally friendly around.

 We support the local economy. We buy all of our recycled materials locally. This eliminates any wasteful emissions brought on from unnecessary shipping and supports our local business community. Many of our customers are also local to the area. As a family-owned company, we at Advanced Paper Forming believe it is important to support local small businesses.

 Molded Fiber is inherently environmentally friendly. Our product is incredibly lightweight, which lessens the cost of shipping and provides a minimal environmental impact. Each piece “nests” inside another, greatly reducing the amount of storage space required in comparison to eps, a difficult-to-recycle alternative. Molded Fiber also alleviates any labor costs associated with packaging assembly, as there is no set-up required.

Want to learn more about recycling or how you can get involved in your community? Check out some of our favorite sites: