Advanced Paper Forming Molded Pulp Paper Packaging

Advanced Paper Forming offers molded fiber packaging products created from 100% recycled materials and is manufactured through an environmentally conscious process thereby reducing our own and our customers’ carbon footprints.

Since 1996, Advanced Paper Forming has been leading the way in creating sustainable, innovative packaging solutions.  The company is located in Southern California and services customers throughout the United States and northern Mexico.

Advanced Paper Forming is dedicated to giving our customers the very best service and to supporting our local economy as well as reducing waste and helping the environment.  We produce paper pulp products that are made of 100 percent post-consumer waste, contain no artificial dyes or additives and are 100 percent recyclable.

The Advanced Paper Forming Model of Sustainable Packaging

Specialty bottle packs are an important shipping tool for manufacturers of wine bottles and other bottled beverages.  Wine manufacturers must have the right packaging to ship their glass bottles, and Advanced Paper Forming provides them with the perfect shipping containers to protect bottles and contents through transit.

Our entire process is geared to producing quality molded pulp packaging from recycled materials.  This allows us to offer our customers protective packaging for shipping bottles as well as reduce the waste of paper that contributes to a great deal of pollution and would otherwise go to landfills.

What Is Molded Pulp?

Molded pulp is a type of product made from recycled paper that offers the benefits of cardboard or foam packaging without the drawbacks of non-sustainable materials.  Sustainable packaging offers many benefits over traditional packing materials. Pulp products are created entirely from recycled paper, making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.  This means that fewer trees are destroyed in creating more paper, and the paper that is used does not go into landfills as trash.

The Advanced Paper Forming Process

Advanced Paper Forming transforms pulp fiber into molded pulp trays for wine bottles and other products.  Our manufacturing process consists of several steps:

  • Recycled paper is collected from various sources and stored onsite until it is made into pulp moulded packaging.
  • The recycled paper is sent through a pulping system, turning it into fiber pulpthe basic ingredient in our molded pulp tray products.
  • Recycled water is added from a storage tank, turning the pulp into a slurry of paper and water.
  • The pulp and water are dried through a vacuum system to extract excess water. The excess water is then pumped back to the recycled water tank.  In this way, we reuse our water constantly and reduce the need for more water.
  • The pulp material for the molded tray is formed and shaped into a unique configuration and dried completely to hold its shape.  Our oven drying process uses heat exchangers.  These reduce energy-use and makes our process more efficient.

Once the molded pulp has been processed and turned into convenient storage trays, it is shipped to customers for use as inner support shipping packaging.  This molded pulp container can then be reused or recycled, continuing the cycle of sustainability.

The Advanced Paper Forming Difference

There are several things that set Advanced Paper Forming apart from other packaging manufacturers.  First, we are dedicated to an entirely sustainable production process with a minimum of waste and low energy usage.  We believe that by cutting down on the amount of energy we use and utilizing recyclable materials to the greatest extent possible, we are able to not only give our customers quality packaging products but also to reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of our own and our customer’s manufacturing and shipping processes.

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